• Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporación 5, as part of its corporate social responsibility actions, collaborates as a sponsor of the Canary Islands Academic-Sports Excellence Awards 2016-2017 for athletes enrolled in the public universities of the Canary Islands. We are a company committed to society and to the values associated with sport, such as effort, self-improvement, promotion of talent and improvement of healthy habits.

Furthermore, we firmly believe in the need to improve the training of the Canarian population, especially in a context where the data show that the higher the level of training, the lower the unemployment rate. Today, 29 April 2019, the II Canary Islands Academic-Sporting Excellence Awards 2017-2018 were presented to 11 young students at Canarian universities with brilliant academic records, as well as great sporting careers.

Corporación 5 is proud to have sponsored the awards of the following winners:

Carlos Javier Hernández Real

Raquel Ramón Domínguez

Jose Airán Fernández

We are convinced that these awards are an incentive and a well-deserved recognition of the effort, talent and time management skills of the students of the Canarian universities.

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