José Carlos Francisco Díaz


President of Corporación 5

Born in 1960 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Founded Corporación 5 in 1990. Graduate in Economics and Business Administration and specialist in Monetary and Financial Economics for the Banco de España. 

President of the CEOE Tenerife, of Cable Submarino de Canarias SUBCAN and Honorary President of APD. Director General and co-founder of Arico 99 S.C.R. Also Advisor to the Grupo Loro Parque and assessor of the Compañía de las Islas Occidentales. He has been lecturer at the Department of Economics and Business Management of the University of La laguna. Chief Executive Officer of Finance, Budgets and Taxation, President of the Board of Administration of the Hospital Universitario de Canarias and Vice President for Economic Affairs. In addition he has been Economic and Finance Minister for the Gobierno de Canarias and Director of the CEOE Tenerife, President and later board member of SODECAN, President of the Society for the Development of the Canary Islands and Minister for Health and Consumer affairs of the Canarian Government. At the same time being Coordinator of the Strategic Plan for the Island of Tenerife 1998 and the Canaries Development Plan 2000-2006. 

In the cultural field he has made several collaborations in both books and articles on the Canarian Economy, Tourism and Health Management and is the author of four publications: La cuenta atrás: los nuevos poderes de Canarias (1998), Canarias, moratoria y REF (2003), La reforma necesaria: Canarias ante la crisis de nuestras vidas (2010) y Canarias. La transformación (2013).