Our quality management system is certified by AENOR in conformity with UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 for the activities of design and project development in an economic and financial consultants. 

Quality Policy

CORPORACIÓN 5, ANÁLYISIS Y ESTRATEGIAS S.L. founded in 1990 in the Canary Islands, has been undertaking the work of strategic and planning consultants for a large number of companies and public organisms, always under the principles of confidentiality, preciseness and flexibility.

More than 25 years of activity has conferred upon us vast experience, high specialization and a leading position in the regional market that has permitted, thanks to a perfect understanding of the environment, the ability to create a

´bespoke´ consultancy with a methodology adaptable to the diverse sizes and activities of companies, always with clear objectives of efficiency and quality, allowing us to bring an added value to the client with the best team of professionals.

CORPORACIÓN 5, ANÁLYSIS Y ESTRATEGIAS S.L. undertakes its activities in the public as well as the private sphere. To undertake these activities CORPORACIÓN 5, ANÁLYSIS Y ESTRATEGIAS S.L counts on the adequate technical and human capital to reach the highest levels of quality in the attainment of objectives. The human team is characterised by its multi-disciplinary profile which permits it to attend to its clients in compliance with its stated principles of preciseness. Complementarily counting on a stable network of expert collaborators of the highest qualification in other more specific areas.

Continual training and the commitment of our personnel will be the essential pillars and the means of guaranteeing the quality in our services as well as the awareness and fulfillment of the applicable legal and reglementary requirements in addition to those defined by our clients and interested parties that also assure the continual improvement of our services, processes and our client satisfaction.

The implementation of this Policy is made through the continual analysis of the organization´s risk and the awareness of the internal and external context in which it is situated, the suitability of the organizations strategic plan and of its consequent objectives assures the efficiency and effectiveness of all our activities, applying management by processes and the requirements of Regulation UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 throughout our Quality Management System.

The development, application, revision and improvement of the Quality Policy is a matter for all of us and available at the disposal of the interested parties as well as for those that apply it.

The President.